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In Defense of the Film

This is something I’ve wanted to write down for awhile. Being a giant Phan since age 5 when I listed to my mother’s cassette, I had mixed feelings about the film. Sure, it comes no where near the stage production. Yes, Gerard Butler doesn’t have a great singing voice. No, the movie Red Death costume has nothing on the stage production costume. Definitely, there are so many things that could have made it so much better.

But, awhile back I started a 30 Day Phantom Challenge; one of the questions was how you first learned about Phantom, so I thought I’d see what other people put. I was surprised at how many people didn’t know anything about it until the film. At first, I felt a little disappointed - how could people not know it existed until then?! But then I had this thought: The movie opened up The Phantom of the Opera to a whole new audience of younger generations, people who don’t typically see theatre productions, or people who just can’t afford a ticket.

And for that, the film is wonderful.

To be completely honest, I watched the film while it was in theaters a total of 6 times. Two days in a row once. And I have both the widescreen and fullscreen DVDs because they had slightly different covers. Michael Crawford will always be my Phantom and I will always prefer the stage, but I have no regrets spending my money on the film.

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ABCs Of Cinema of the Day: The modern English alphabet, as recited through minimations (mini-animations) corresponding to iconic moments in 26 movies.

Name them all and win yourself some sweet bragging rights.


Here it goes: Amélie, Big Lebowski, Citizen Kane, Die Another Day(?) EDIT: Maybe it’s Dr. No, Edward Scissorhands, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Godfather, Hobbit, Inception, Jurassic Park, King’s Speech, Lawrence of Arabia, My Neighbor Totoro, N, O, Pulp Fiction, Q, Rocky, Star Wars, Titanic, Up, Vertigo, Wizard of Oz, X-Men: First Class, Y, Z

21/26: Partial bragging rights? Of course, these are all guesses. So I may have gotten some wrong. Regardless, feelin’ good about myself.

George Méliès - The Untamable Whiskers (1904)

A stage magician by trade, he used the camera’s ability to manipulate reality to create filmed versions of his stage illusions. In the process, he not only created a completely unique genre of films, he also developed many of the effects techniques that are the fundamental building blocks of the craft - and he did it all in camera, on the original negative. He was the first to fully realize the potential of film.

Why is it that every Adobe After Effects tutorial is always taught by a child?

When I was a child, I was outside and playing in the dirt. Now I’m majoring in film and just recently got After Effects. So, you want me to believe that you did this kind of stuff since you were… seven? Eight? And just for kicks? I’m almost 21 and have to watch your instructional videos on how to do “simple” things. I just want to know: